The Quail Lab is focused on the role of the tumour microenvironment during cancer progression, with a particular interest in tumour immunology and immunometabolism. Our team is investigating 3 major themes: (1) How do chronic inflammatory conditions, such as obesity, promote cancer progression? (2) What shapes the immune landscape in tumors, and how does this dictate response to therapy? (3) How does the microenvironment affect tumor progression within an immune privileged tissue, such as brain? To study the tumour microenvironment, we use cutting edge techniques such as highly-multiplexed imaging mass cytometry, intravital microscopy, single cell sequencing, and genetically-engineered in vivo models.

Tonsil IMC image
Mass cytometry image of a tonsil germinal centre. Single Cell and Imaging Mass Cytometry Platform, GCI; image by Nick Bennett.